Sunday, 11 October 2009

Defination of friendship?

what should i say?

what is friend?
what the really meaning friend stand for?

when im free,you're free too...then we go to yum cha 2gether?
snooker 2gether? fun 2gether? and so on?

u have no car, i go to fetch you out?

is that friend stand for when you need some fun , u can find them?

how bout when you need help?
who can you find?
do they really willing to help you ?
or they will offer you a option...the only option you have to choose
" exchange at equal value"

this what we call friend?
did it will spend your money?

enough for saying so many rubbish....
dont ever ask me for help in the future...
you wan talk about money? i will use the same way when you need me...